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Being on holidays all you need is to be relaxed and have no other worries than your holidays. We offer you the advantage of being absolutely secure and using your car around the island. That is what full insurance offers you total protection against any accident.

Crete is the 6th biggest island on the Mediterranean Sea, and the biggest in Greece. Beautiful places to visit and explore from one side of the island to the other. So what you definitely need is no restriction regarding kilometers.

…or fair fuel policy. Take your car now with a certain amount of fuel, and bring back to us with the same amount. As simple as it sounds.

Our continuous effort is to regularly renew our fleet. Bikes, Cars, Quads are almost yearly renewed, so we may give you the opportunity to drive the latest models. That serves both safety and pleasure.
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Holidays do matter. It is our chance to escape from reality and give ourselves the opportunity to reboot. It may be short sometimes but it may pack our suitcases with lifetime experiences that will be there forever. It is always a chance to reconnect with people you’ve been together for long but at some point you lost communication…It is an opportunity to relax, to forget, to remember, to plan, to rearrange, and to give yourself the motive for a brand new start…

People say that all that matters is the route and not the destination. When it comes to the destination and the destination is Crete we seem to be having all the solutions that shall make your holidays unique, and definitely a lifetime experience.

No matter where you come from, what your interests are, how much you can spend, give us the information and we can make it a proposal suitable for your needs. We have been active on the holiday sector for more than 30 years; we have the knowhow, but also the flexibility to adjust on circumstances and situations.

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    Kymco ATV
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customer reviews

Highly recommended! These guys are the best. Don't let the big brands rip you off. I booked a car for 2 days (to visit elafonissi) and an ATV/Quad bike for 1 day to go up into the mountains. They were kind enough to provide me directions/tips etc. Would use again.
Rented a car for 3 days in Heraklion this October, travelled all around the island. Everything went super-smooth, George was super-friendly and willing to help — five stars, well deserved.
Good price. Clean and modern car. Very near of my hotel, in the center of town. Very kind in office. The receptionist of my hotel says that motor club is very good election too.
Many thanks for a pleasurable hassle free rep waited at airport even there delay due to lost luggage. I will definitely use Motorclub when I next visit Crete
Rented a car for 1 day to visit Chania. No hassle renting. Clear affordable pricing, efficient processing. These guys are the best. Would definitely rent from them again.

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