Enduro and 4x4- The best kept Cretan secret
  • October 22, 2021
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Enduro and 4x4- The best kept Cretan secret

Why would an enduro be the best choice for you?

Is it even possible to choose between these two? Well we’ll find a few interesting facts, to help you decide for yourselves.

A few years ago,enduro motorcycles were unknown to those outside the motorcyclist community. There was the perspective that these motorcycles are only intended for professional competitions.

However, later on it became completely affordable for someone to own this two-wheeled dream. 

The presence of lighting technology in an enduro is the basic difference from a motocross motorcycle, along with various electronics and a licence plate, that make the bike rideable, safe and legal for street use. Since you can rent an enduro for comfortable city driving and forest rides at the same time, the manufacturers made the rear tire strong, but not as spiky as on a cross-country motorcycle. 

Fans of an active and adventurous lifestyle cannot picture themselves without an enduro. It's the kind of motorcycle that provides you with complete freedom, agility of movement and sometimes completely crazy adrenaline moments with you and your thoughts. How could anyone resist its charms? 

Why choose a 4x4 as your vacation transportation? 

Until the early 2000s, 4x4 and all wheel drive was a concept associated with slow and rugged vehicles that could move on any surface under various weather conditions.

Nowadays though, most reputable car manufacturers produce at least one car with an all wheel drive

 The biggest advantage of a 4x4 car, without a doubt, is the increased traction it provides. Ideal for the times when a regular car just won’t do, a 4x4 will give you an advantage in exploring the wild peaceful sceneries, discovering the hidden villages and the traditional sights in Crete.

Depending on the season you plan to visit Crete, you will either have to go through rocky areas to get to the most beautiful exotic beaches, or even if you wish to visit the most picturesque villages, your 4x4 can offer you the ultimate comfort and security you need.
After all, it’s not a secret that most locals opt for 4x4 trucks and all wheel drive cars as their daily drivers.

Whatever your final decision is, your trip to this enchanting island, with either two or four wheels will be absolutely magical.

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