Top 5 scenic routes in Crete by bike
  • December 10, 2020
  • Crete

Top 5 scenic routes in Crete by bike

Driving in Crete can be quite a surprise as there are boundless gorges, breathtaking mountains, lush fields and unlimited kilometers of coastline with rough shores and white sandy beaches.




The small picturesque village of Loutro is located in the southwest of Crete between the villages of Sfakia in the east and Ayia Roumeli in the west. You can easily get to Sfakia by bike and catch the boat to Loutro. Since there is no road to Loutro you will need to leave your bike in Sfakia. Driving time is about 70 minutes from Chania.


Elounda and Spinalonga 

Located just a dozen kilometers from Agios Nikolaos, Elounda was once just a fishing village, but now it is a fashionable resort, which is famous throughout the world for its luxurious hotels and spectacular beaches.

At the same time, it hasn’t lost its charm, retaining the atmosphere that prevailed here long before this place was awarded luxury status. Local beaches are just as good and every year they confirm their high level by receiving the EU Blue Flags for the purity of the waters and its coast.

Not far from the coast of Elounda is the island of Spinalonga. In 1579, the Venetians equipped the island with massive fortifications to guard this part of Crete. Thanks to this, even when the Turks completely subjugated Crete in 1669, Spinalonga remained unconquered and for almost 50 years the Venetian fortress was a constant source of headaches for the Ottomans. Spinalonga is also famous 

for being the last leper colony from 1903 to 1957.



Another ideal destination, best visited by bike instead of a car,  is definitely Rethymnon, since the roads of the city are narrow and there is always difficulty in finding a parking space.

The charming old town of Rethymnon combines Venetian and Turkish influences, has excellent infrastructure and many historical monuments. Wide sandy beaches, many taverns, shops and various hotels and apartments of all price categories.

The most interesting places you shouldn't miss are the Archaeological Museum, the Center of Byzantine Art and the Municipal Garden.



Chania is the main city of West Crete and one of the most beautiful settlements on the island.

Its main attraction is the old town with the harbor and the Venetian fortress Firkas. 

Cobbled streets, harmoniously blended into the interior of the city, numerous restaurants and the spirit of antiquity give Chania a special atmosphere, which is always very difficult to part with later. 

The Archaeological and Maritime Museums deserve special attention, the first one presenting a rich collection of artifacts reflecting the rich history of western Crete, the second one featuring the exact model of the city of Chania from the 17th century with a harbor and Venetian shipyards.

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