Santa Claus is riding a bike
  • November 26, 2020
  • Crete

Santa Claus is riding a bike

Never thought that Santa would be that kind of guy, right?
Well Rudolf, Blitzen and the rest of Santa’s reindeers went on vacation at last so Santa
decided to make faster arrangements and leave the sleigh back home at the north pole.
If you think about it, Santa must be the coolest rider on the planet! Do not let his appearance
fool you, he might not look like a fitness model but he is definitely the perfect role model.
He’s a chubby white bearded guy who loves bringing joy to other people.

But in order to deliver all those gifts on time, you surely need a quicker vehicle.
And when you’re used to the excitement and high intensity flying sleigh can give you, you
really can’t downgrade to a car, can you?
Once you taste all physical and emotional freedom as well as the adrenaline rush and tingling
essence you’ll be hooked!
No wonder some people call bikes the ‘’Wheels of God’’!
How else would you explain his constant excitement and hyperactive mood?

Why ride a bike on Christmas?
Even if winter is not your cup of tea, Christmas is everyone’s most beloved holiday.
The whole city is decorated with festive lights, and since everybody likes to go out and
celebrate Christmas, all the streets will be filled with people rushing in their cars to get to their
destination, while bike riders with the proper gear can traverse anywhere in no time. Bikes
also take much less space so you can still fit and find parking everywhere, even next to the
entrance of the party you’re headed to. Enjoy the ride and get wherever you want, on time and
stress free.

And since Santa will be riding around your neighbourhood this year, don’t forget to leave
some cookies and milk for him to enjoy during his “pit stop”.

And just like the song says….’’it’s the most wonderful time of the year’’

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