Live your winter in Crete!
  • January 17, 2020
  • Crete

Live your winter in Crete!

Crete has always been the ultimate summer destination. This has always been a stereotype “fixed” in everybody’s mind, but it is something we should gradually change and try to explore the beauties of the island during wintertime.

Crete always combined sea sights and Mountain View with vast generosity. The island happens to “house” the second tallest mountain of Greece, mount Idi or Psiloreitis. For the skiers around Europe, is a well-known destination, since the ski resort that operates there, offers a high-quality adventure. At the base of the mountain, famous for its hospitality and its magnificent food, village lays. The name of the village is Anogeia, and its habitats are among the purest representatives of Cretan hospitality. There is no chance they will allow a stranger to pay for its coffee or beverage in any coffee shop in the village. The village is also famous for its artists, singers, authors, instrument players are some of them.

Living the mountain sight of Psiloreitis, and traveling towards the capital of the island, Heraklion, one may visit the museums that stay open during wintertime. The archeological museum, with exhibits from the ages of the Minoan civilization. We should not skip mentioning the historical museum, but also the natural history museum. Lately, urban tourism has been rapidly evolving, with new luxury hotel units that may provide the visitor with high-quality accommodation.

Heraklion is surrounded by vineyards that offer premium quality wine, which is exported around the world. Cellars and traditional wineries pop up while visiting the countryside.

Famous Greek producers, such as Boutaris, have created mentionable wineries that may tour the visitor through the history of wine production, with museums of old or ancient equipment used to the production of wine. But also taste all the varieties of wine produced on the island. Accompanied by traditional finger food, such as cheese, smoked pork, sausages and snails cooked with vinegar on the pan.

Another very interesting winter destination is the Lasithi Plateau. The place at which, according to Greek mythology, Zeus was born. The place worth’s visiting for innumerous reasons. The landscape is magnificent; one may taste many local and traditional goodies. Once more hospitality of the locals is remarkable.

One of the most memorable sights in the plateau is the area called Windmills with Lefka Pania (windmills with white sails). They are light metallic constructions made around the end of the 19 th century and were used for the rural water supply.

Creta is the place to be 365 days a year. The options are endless and small adventures are there for everyone to live and experience them. Give the place a chance to amaze you!!!

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