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Destination Crete!

Destination Crete!

Crete! This is an island to visit more than once.


Find below at least 7 reasons to keep coming back!

1. Rich Geomorphology & Rare Eco – Systems

Crete counts many gorges, hundreds of caves, rolling hills with vineyards and olive trees, biotopes or extreme beauty like the forest of cedars, oaks, and palms. You will find also NATURA protected areas and geological failures. If you are Naturalist and you love exploration, this is a place to visit.

2. Unique plants and therapeutic herbs

Crete encompasses 2.100 species of wild plants. 300 of them are endemic. An island full of aroma and colors. All you need is to let your senses to enjoy.

3. Rare Fauna

The largest colony of Eleonora’s Falcon is hosted on the island of Crete. You also may find pretty rare raptors such as the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus Barbatus), the Griffon Vulture (Gyps Fulvus), the Golden Eagle and many more. Kri – Kri goat ( Kri – Kri Capra aegagrus creticus) is also the most famous animal of Crete.

4. Beaches & Marine Eco-Systems

With a coastline of 1.046 km, hundreds of places, exotic beaches, corals and extensive sea meadows with protected species of seaweed, are waiting for you to explore them.

5. Cretan Hospitality

Cretans are known for their hospitality and their authenticity. Their vivid intelligence and imagination, their simplicity, their irresistible urge for freedom and independence is also a reason to visit this unique culture of them.

6. Cretan Cuisine

Fresh fruits and vegetables, aromatic plants, olive oil, fresh fish, red wine, traditional pastry based on honey and many other delicious dishes are definitely a gastronomic temptation for your palate.

7. Historical Attractions

The Palace of Knossos, Ancient Lato, Ancient Aptera, Ancient Eleftherna, Minoan palace complex of Malia and hundreds of other sites, witness the rich Cretan History and civilization which is one of the first established in Europe.

January 10, 2020 | Crete