Crete Smells like Christmas
  • December 3, 2020
  • Crete

Crete Smells like Christmas

The island of Crete isn't just filled with extraordinary pebbled beaches, but also many picturesque villages, which are ideal for short holidays such as Christmas.
You may have snow back home, but you should still visit Psiloritis mountain as well as Anogia, a small traditional village which looks as if time hasn’t touched it one bit.

Due to its secluded location, the village retains its strong authentic character, the traditional costumes as well as its old Cretan dialect.

Fascinating Christmas landscapes that look like a real-life fairy tale, covered with snow,  waiting for visitors to enjoy the spectacle.

While you’re there, if you’re up for winter swimming, you could always try the crystal-clear waters of Votomos, a  stunning lake with lush vegetation that creates an amazing green landscape.

 Even if you choose one of the largest cities, like Heraklion or Chania, the architecture and spectacular landmarks coexist in harmony, making them unforgettable travel destinations, even in the winter.
Let’s not forget, after all, that such a vacation requires proper souvenirs.
In all the large cities of Crete, there is always some sort of Christmas bazaar, full of interesting local memorabilia, handmade traditional or contemporary jewelry, and, of course, an astounding variety of local foods and desserts!
Crete has an abundance of fresh ingredients, such as olive oil, herbs, milk, fresh butter and honey, staples of the local diet, that are used in many desserts during christmas Time.
The smell of cinnamon, honey and traditional pastries at the local bakeries, lure you into the cozy and warm atmosphere of Christmas.

Of course you will find all traditional Greek desserts here, such as Vasilopita and melomakarona, but you also get some extras. Our hint: look for the traditional “kserotigana” and you won’t be dissapointed. Crispy fluffy stripes of fried dough with honey syrup and freshly roasted sesame seeds… Oomph!

And even though Christmas to many people means desserts, the local savoury festive dishes have tons of flavour to offer. If you’re a meat lover, don’t miss the chance to try “antikristo” lamb, and “ofto” pork!

And remember, when you sit at a Cretan table, you eat till you’re full. After all, here, you’re part of the family.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll get some treats to bring back with you as well.

 After all, one thing is certain. You should leave your diet back home. It will have to wait for a few days!

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